Rua do Progresso, lote 15 • Vilarinho das Cambas • V. N. Famalicão
+351 252 303 210



Vinco Válvulas manufactures ball valves mainly for the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, offshore, marine, pulp & paper, food & beverage and cosmetics industries.


Established in 1990, the company quickly guided its activity to the external market working with several business partners all over the world.


The focus on technological development and the strengthen of its know-how has allowed Vinco to expand to new markets being recognized for it’s ability to develop solutions to fulfill the market demands. As a consequence we have developed in the past years a range of products for oil & gas, sanitary, chemical and cryogenic industries.


Our customers work in capital-intensive industries and operate in extreme environments and trust us to deliver them reliable and safe products with the highest quality standards. This has been our commitment for the past 30 years of activity.


The path of the company speaks out for its constant development, growth and dedication to seek for new and innovative products and services.


The company is located in V.N Famalicão, Portugal and has a 4.200m2 modern facilities where the production of its valves is performed. We are responsible for the design, development, assembly and testing under the highest quality standards of all our products.

Innovation and quality guarantee our success in the most demanding markets.
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