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The Quality Management System implemented at  Vinco Válvulas, S.A. is based on the normative principles. It is therefore company’s policy to meet the needs of its customers and all interested parts, comply with their requirements and exceed whenever possible their natural expectations.

It is our goal to guide the organization in a way to develop, produce and supply high quality products with applications in industrial units, able to add value to our customers.

Vinco Quality Management System is based on procedures established and known by its co-workers so as to support the processes identified by the organization, and are managed and controlled effectively.

Based on the data resulting from its activity, the organization establishes measurable goals and undertakes to make available the resources necessary to ensure that they are achieved.

Goals are periodically revised aiming to improve on a continuous basis the performance of the quality management system.

In order to ensure the quality and competitiveness of products it is our aim to set a balanced relationship between our organization, suppliers, business partners, customers and other interested parts.

Vinco quality policy is communicated to all the organization. The Executive Management, its main booster, commits itself to explain it, comply with its requirements and revise it whenever necessary.



To be a reference of Excellency in industrial valves field, aiming in each and every moment to exceed customers’ expectations through continuous improvement of our skills and the offer of solutions that stand out by their high quality, safety and reliability of products and presentation of integrated services of excellence.



Vinco has set as its mission the development of ball valves for demanding industrial fields through the continuous investment in I&D, human resources qualification, improvement in the organizational efficiency and in modern technologies.

It is also our ambition to provide Business-to-Business customers with a service of Excellency with a remarkable personal relationship and with an excellent responsiveness in terms of solutions provided and availability.



– Excellency: seek for Excellency in all the organizational dimensions and in the interfaces with the stakeholders (customers, suppliers, community, etc.)

– Competence and rigor: continuous improvement on our skills and knowledge;

– Dedication and professionalism: technical capacity, initiative, creativity and professionalism in all the organizational dimensions;

– Continuous improvement culture: continuous increase of our skills and knowledge as essential basis of growth;

– Quality:  as main principle in all the organizational dimensions;

– Customer-Orientation: ensure customer satisfaction through high quality products and services;

– Social Responsibility: commitment to the contribution for a better world and for a more inclusive society and with more opportunities, as well as for the establishment of a safe and comfortable work place.

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