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Hydrogen – New Range

Hydrogen – New Range

In the next decade, it’s estimated that global demand for renewable hydrogen could grow by 50% contributing to more than 20% of global carbon reduction by 2050.
These are the conclusions of the report “hydrogen for net-zero”, developed by the consultancy McKinsey & Company in collaboration with the hydrogen council, which presents new data on the carbon reduction potential through hydrogen.

According to the study, this could be the solution to guarantee a fifth of the energy demand by mid-century – while contributing to an accumulated reduction of 80 Gigatons (Gt) of CO2.

By 2030, this would represent an annual reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to the total volume of CO2 emitted by the United Kingdom, France and Belgium combined.
However, “achieving this step requires a significant increase in production and infrastructure as well as the adaptation of energy equipment and installations”, says a partner at McKinsey & Company in Spain.

To keep up with technological advances and increase the reliability of your installations, you can now count on the new Vinco Hydrogen Range, products developed to answer all your hydrogen-related projects.

We have a specialized team that will help you find the ideal technical solution for your most demanding requests, ensuring the quality and safety of your projects.


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